It’s amazing what we can do when we come together.

USA Today covered our annual Motherless Daughter's Day.

Great article about us last year by Sandy Banks.

This beautiful piece speaks to all of us motherless daughters.  

motherless daughters in the news


" Twenty years ago I founded Motherless Daughters of Los Angeles.  At first it was just me and 8 women.  Twenty years later there are hundreds of us coming together to share our experience, our strength, our wisdom and our grief.  This is a club none of us want to be a member of but in coming together we can help each other heal".

April 1997– Our first feature in the Los Angeles Times right before my son was born.  He is about to turn 18.


May 2002 USA Today covered our annual Motherless Daughter's Day.  


April 2007 "We Never Get Over It" my first feature on The Huffington Post when it was Arianna's new start-up and "blog" was a new word.


April 2014  - Back in The Los Angeles Times with our 20th anniversary conference where 120 women came from all over the world to meet the leaders in the field and connect with each other.  Powerful!